Ashley is a certified assessor in the EQi 2.0® , the Reina Trust Building®, Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency® with The TRACOM Group Consultancy tools, and is a certified Solutions Focused Coach Practitioner.

She incorporates mindfulness and uses her certification with the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy and it’s Yoga Teacher Training Program in her practical work, facilitating individuals and teams in their transformation in a holistic and authentic way.

Ashley Grandisch, PCC

Professional coach and coach mentor

Ashley is a globally Credentialed ICF Professional Coach, PCC level. She has facilitated several dozen workshops related to leadership development. Workshops include:

  • Building one’s Mindfulness & EQ in the corporate environment - Assessment tool EQi 2.0 with Multi-Health Systems, Canada
  • Developing Individual & Team Trust - Assessment tool with Reina, Your Trust Building Consultants, USA
  • Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency workshop and assessment tool, The TRACOM Group, USA
  • Building leadership coaching skills. Learning how to facilitate learning in teams, empower and give feedback

She has worked with Novartis, Khazanah Nasional, Kimberly Clark, Novo Nordisk, Media Prima, YTL Group, Bursa Malaysia, UOB Bank, Genesis Oil & Gas, Citibank, Prudential Insurance, among others.

Ashley is a globally Credentialed ICF Professional Coach (PCC). She is a trainer and coach mentor for the Corporate Coach Academy in Kuala Lumpur.

With 15 years’ experience as a multimedia designer and project manager, prior to her coaching career, Ashley has the capability to fully understand the complexities of technical processes, management of teams, budgets, project time-lines and working directly with clients in a variety of industries. She has knowledge of corporate culture, relationship dynamics and understanding systems.

Ashley is American, holds a USA university degree and her career spans the USA, various countries in Europe and Asia. With her global perspective and experience, Ashley is able to understand the dynamics and needs of a multi-cultural environment.

Ashley has a strength in motivating, empowering and challenging her clients and believes in bringing the best out of every individual, for sustainable transformation.