Thursday, 22 December 2016

Simple Tips on Connecting Mind & Body - Reduce Stress

A little bit of the neuroscience behind stress and how it can affect your body.
If we are constantly in a state of stress, we will likely not be able to function to our potential and our bodies will be in survival mode, which is exhausting and can lead to health issues eventually...

Here are a few easy tips to get on track:

Our bodies are constantly sending us loads of signals every second. If we are not paying attention, we are missing out! Not to mention missing signals of others around us and the environment around us. Take a few seconds throughout each day to:
- pause
- take a few deep, slow continuous breaths
- listen to your thoughts and feelings
- observe your body state
- take note of these as an observer with curiosity (non-judgmentally)

Pause: Breathe...
while waiting at stop light / waiting for the lift / while in line / times of waiting / while walking / while eating / what else?

Do a few relaxing stretches and poses to connect your mind, body and breath. This helps to get you out of your mind (constant thinking/analyzing) and more in touch with what is happening with the entire you. I have a suggested sequence that will support increased energy and relaxation. Be sure to move slow and incorporate breathing with each posture...

Another easy way to support you is through aromatherapy...

I highly suggest using essential oils. Topically or with a diffuser. My favorite oil to diffuse is Lavender oil. It has amazing relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, plus so much more!
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Look for a therapeutic-grade version of the essential oil that is organic and pure. Diffuse into the air when you sleep or otherwise, to feel the effects. You can also use topically at your temples, wrists, back of neck or anywhere you see fit. Be sure to inhale it deeply each time. I don't leave home without this oil and use for myself and my family.

Hope these tips help. Please leave a comment with your feedback and ideas...