Sunday, 29 March 2015

The 'Essential' Essential Oils

Recently my 5 year-old woke up with an infected eye. I could tell that it was on the outer edge. I took him to the school nurse and he said that it's probably an infected eyelash or tear duct. That I should take him to the doctor to get an antibiotic cream and drops... We went home and I decided to try this first... I boiled some water and placed it in a glass bowl, added 5 drops of lavender oil, let it cool a bit and placed a washcloth in it. Then we placed the washcloth on his infected eye several times that evening before bed. He woke up the next day and it was 80% gone! We did it again the next evening and it was completely gone. Voila, saved from a doctors visit and antibiotics!

I looked online for what oils are safe for close eye contact (not all are) and are healing/anti inflammatory. Lavender was the winner. We don't leave home without it, as it's the perfect first aid and anti stress ointment ever!

I use Young Living oils, which are therapeutic grade and contain the natural healing effects.
These are some essentials and I keep this list on my fridge as a reminder...

I use essential oils for this and that for the whole family. No one has had a doctors visit in months. Hurray!

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