Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Cure Yeast Infections Naturally

If you are having chronic yeast infections, this is a must read. This regime and these natural products will do wonders...

Here are the products:
You can try these in place of over the counter anti-fungal treatments which can be harsh on the sensitive tissues and in the long run just feed the negative cycle and the infections will persist. If you need to use the medical products to get rid of a persistent infection, then you can use these as a follow up to help heal the tissues and help to prevent future infections...

- Coconut Oil - Organic and natural. Can get at any health food store. Sometimes the reason for reoccuring infections is dryness. After showering, just massage inside and out to coat a bit of oil. I also mix in some cinnamon bark essential oil with it. (It's a very strong oil, so not too much.) I highly recommend this natural, cheap daily practice.

- The following products (see the photo):
- Yeast Arrest vag suppository a couple of days before my period, a couple of days after my period and after sex. This is mostly for prevention, to avoid having issues. It will create a good PH down there and helps to replenish the tissues, so an infection can't get going (hopefully). I normally alternate it with VH Essentials ph Balance and put in before bed at night. Both I bought from Amazon.com.

- In addition to the Yeast Arrest/VH Essentials, use the Aloe Vera Emergency Spray by LR. Just open the area up a bit and spray directly. After showering or just whenever. Keep it by the toilet and use it once a day or every other day. This will help to strengthen and heal the tissue down there. You can also use it anywhere on the body, kind of as a first aid treatment for the skin. Good to have around the house anyway.

- Most importantly (and can be a miracle) Melrose Essential Oil by Young Living. It's a blend of essential oils. Rub a drop or two on your belly twice a day and actually insert it inside if you feel an infection coming on or have an infection. This is a therapeutic-grade essential oil and has amazing anti-fungal and tissue healing properties. You can use it for burns, scrapes and other fungus (like athletes foot) too and is just great to have in your first aid kit. If I have an infection or feel that one may be coming on, put a drop of oil on a finger and literally massage the area inside. For routine maintenance just rub it on your belly twice a day. If it feels too harsh for you to use directly, then you can dilute it with olive or coconut oil. Do a little test first to be sure. To learn more and/or purchase the oil you can go here: Young Living.com and please use my customer number as your referral 2007250 for the sponsor and enroller ID numbers. I don't leave home without Melrose Oil!

- Boric Acid - It will also support a healthy PH down there. You can buy the powder and empty pill capsules and make your own suppositories. It's a cheap and easy way to maintain a healthy environment down there. Insert two capsules before going to bed.

All of these products are natural and work with your body to heal the root cause of the issues and replenish the tissue in the area to make it stronger and healthier (so your body can heal itself), where the over the counter medicines will only help you with the symptoms.

- Lemon essential oil. Place a drop or two in your tea, water, etc on a daily basis. It will help to alkaline-ize your body, do a detox, etc. So many benefits are seen with doing this one simple step.

Other tips to reinforce these methods:
- I also recommend taking one drop of Oregano Oil essential oil. You can dilute it in a cup of tea, for example, as it's very strong. You need to use a high quality therapeutic-grade oil, such as Young Living. This should eradicate Candida (globally) and will eradicate any unknown parasites (which could also be a cause of the imbalance). I would do this for about a month. Don't do it for too long, as you don't want to irritate your liver. You could also use Clove Oil. And in general I use lemon oil to help to alkaline-ize my body. It will help to globally fight candida, give you energy and is great to help to cleanse your body. I prefer to use lemon essential oil in my drinks, rather than just regular lemon, because it doesn't erode your teeth enamel.

- Be sure to wear comfortable underpants and clothes. Make sure they are natural fabrics, not too tight and you can breathe down there. If you are sweating a lot, just change your underpants in the middle of the day to help stay dry and fresh. If you go swimming or sweat while working out, just change out of the wet clothes as soon as possible.

- When showering, only use warm water to clean the vaginal area. Your body has it's own defenses to self clean. It's important to keep this intact and don't use soap or other products (such as douching) to clean it. Keep things natural and your body will heal and clean itself.

- Take a one-a-day vitamin supplement and a pro and/or pre-biotic every day. This helps to replenish the good bacteria in your gut, which helps to fend off yeast and bad bacteria. If your body is strong and healthy you are more likely to be able to naturally keep the delicate balance and avoid an over growth of yeast anywhere in your body.

- Avoid antibiotics when ever possible. If you have to take them, definitely replenish the good bacteria with pre and pro-biotics to be sure the bad bacteria doesn't get out of proportion.

- Be sure that your body has a good PH. The more alkaline your body is, the healthier it is and can fend of things like yeast infections. Some natural antifungals are: garlic, onions, ginger, clove, cinnamon and Indian spices, lemon, coconut oil. I constantly cook with these daily to give my family a boost. Also the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the more alkaline and healthier your body will be. Keep sugar and white flour product intake low. Yeast will not survive in an alkaline environment!

I hope it helps women with this issue and practitioners to see that natural remedies work!!