Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Oil Dispersion Baths - Dermatitis

When our youngest son was 6 months old he developed severe dermatitis. The doctors told us there was not much we could do and to give him Cortisone Cream until he grew out of it. Really?! That is all you can do for us?

After doing more research on the topic, I learned that dermatitis is a condition that needs to run it's course and then will most likely get out. Cortisone will suppress it, so it can go internal and later turn into asthma.

So I started to search for alternative help... Luckily we were living in Berlin, where there are many many options in the alternative health field. I found a very interesting homeopathic doctor who introduced me to the world of essential oils and their healing powers. He gave my son Oil Dispersion Baths.

We would choose an oil based upon the 'emotional needs' of my son at that moment. For example the properties of an oil may give you the feeling of security and safety. I bought this oil contraption (pictured here) and was then able to give him baths at home.

It worked and his skin improved rapidly. It was amazing! I got an assortment of oils from our doctor for the typical things a family needs, colds, flu, stress, etc etc. Which we still use as a family, to this day...

This apparatus literally blends the oil with the water in very fine droplets, creating a bigger surface area.The oil is absorbed into your blood stream and works its magic... It's important to get dry and immediately lay in a warm bed all covered up. This is an important step in the process, so the perfect thing to do right before going to bed.

Don't have an oil contraption like this one? I think it's ok to just add drops of oil to your warm bath and continue to mix it around slowly while relaxing in the bath. That should work as well.